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I’ve been interested in cryptocurrencies and especially the underlying Blockchain technology for about 2 years now.I’m attracted to this kind of technology not only for the investment opportunities, but perhaps even more for the philosophical and social implications.

However, since April, 2017, the value of Bitcoin and a few other of the altcoins have skyrocketed in value. Back then, I got a hardware wallet called Trezor. I wanted to control the keys to my investment. Trezor is a great idea and product, but it only supports Bitcoin. (I hear rumors that may be changing soon.) So I recently purchased a Ledger Nano S for it’s capabilities to support altcoins as well as Bitcoin.

It has just arrived and I will be experimenting with it soon. Stay tuned!

If you are curious about cyptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology, I highly recommend looking into this guy: Andreas Antonopolous