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How To Organize Love

In an organization, there can be formal and informal structure and procedures. The two are very different ways to organize people. Manage.

Truth is, this is mostly a hybrid situation. Informality meets formality at the break room, kitchen, in-house party, or local bar. It used to be the way Congress formed friendships. Seems we need this form of diplomacy to come back.

I hope we can come to this realization before it’s too late.

Hardware Vault: Nano S

The Nano S is an interesting beast. It looks like a USB thumb drive with a small display. It has two buttons and the on-screen interface is only slightly awkward. What is even more awkward is the fact that it uses Chrome apps for it’s browser-based interface. This brings up all kinds of questions about possible security compromises. It also brings into question how easy access would be for folks who find themselves in a place where Chrome was not available for some reason.

I am an advocate for folks with altcoins to be in control of their own keys. However, if access to those keys is dependent on specific hardware-software combinations, I still question the level of real independence.

Stepping back a bit, if keys for altcoins still depend on an internet connection that is controlled by corporations for access, who is really in control?

The Nano S can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among other altcoins. This is what makes it attractive when compared to Trezor. It’s small, and the setup is straight forward. The Google Chrome apps have a simple and intuitive interface. Time will tell when it comes to the ease of transfers to and from this compact hardware wallet.

Altcoin Security

I’ve been interested in cryptocurrencies and especially the underlying Blockchain technology for about 2 years now.I’m attracted to this kind of technology not only for the investment opportunities, but perhaps even more for the philosophical and social implications.

However, since April, 2017, the value of Bitcoin and a few other of the altcoins have skyrocketed in value. Back then, I got a hardware wallet called Trezor. I wanted to control the keys to my investment. Trezor is a great idea and product, but it only supports Bitcoin. (I hear rumors that may be changing soon.) So I recently purchased a Ledger Nano S for it’s capabilities to support altcoins as well as Bitcoin.

It has just arrived and I will be experimenting with it soon. Stay tuned!

If you are curious about cyptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology, I highly recommend looking into this guy: Andreas Antonopolous

Simple Recipe for Effective Teams


  1. Great Environment
  2. Great Tools
  3. Great People

Mix into a generous bowl and add spices to taste.

Spread out onto a safe, loving and caring landscape. Let the creative juices mix.

Serve with generous portions of gratitude and recognition.


Ghostly Experiments

Shelayne and I wanted to experiment with long-exposure double imagery. Here we have exposures up to 10 seconds while she holds each position for about 5 seconds each.

We wanted to visually explore one’s relationship with self.

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