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Spring Planting

Finally, I spent some time in the garden this weekend. Most of the work was the very unglamorous work of weeding and trimming and cleaning. But, after paying my dues, I did some soil prep and got to one of my favorite gardening activities: Spring vegetable and herb planting.

This Spring, I’m planting 3 different tomatoes, crookneck squash, 2 different types of red lettuce, yellow bell peppers, lemon cucumber, cilantro, and zucchini. I have space in my second box for 3 different special herbs which will be coming in a week or so, and then maybe some type of peas.

Spring is always good for my soul. But it does wreak havoc on my allergies!

B&W Study with Tiffany

Another fun and creative shoot with Tiffany. This time, we explored lighting for black & white.

The Beauty of G’na

G’na is as unusual as her name would suggest.

She is strong, forthright, fierce, and determined. But she is also sensitive, quite creative, artistic and sometimes vulnerable.

She is a beautiful soul…

Rotocraft Mods

I’ve been making some modifications to one of my RC helicopters to see if I can eek out a little more speed.

Here she is stripped down to the structure.

I added some large washers to the tip of the battery to increase forward tip (see 2nd photo). This actually resulted in a noticeable increase in speed, largely due to the increase in the role of the main rotors to forward movement. But it made steady hovering more difficult since center of gravity was tweaked. Also, the added weight affected battery life.

The second mod turned out to be the best. I cut out plastic blade extensions and glued them onto the rear rotor (see 3rd photo). This has had a surprisingly great affect. Both speed and quickness have increased. The only downside is that the controls are almost hair-trigger. I may need to shave a few millimeters off each extension to balance out the controls.

DSLR Follow Focus

After shooting several videos on my Canon 7D and being frustrated by trying to focus while shooting, I finally broke down and bought a follow focus system. Most of them are pricey, so I did a fair amount of research.

Then I came across this Kickstarter project called “50 Dollar Follow Focus”. A couple of guys in a garage in Bozeman, Montana were manufacturing these things after being funded by Kickstarter. Their company is called Hondo Garage, and they’ve started manufacturing other components related to the follow focus.

Shown here is the $50 Follow Focus mounted on The Barely Rig ($139 for the package). These components are high quality material and machining. I can’t wait to take it out for a shoot.

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