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Drone Video

I finally purchased a drone and have been experimenting with it over the past few months. I love it. So much so, that I studied for then took the FAA’s Airman 107 test to allow me to fly the drone for commercial purposes.

Now that I’ve got almost 100 hours of flight time, I feel confident to push my experimentation to the next level.

Here are two experimental video flights at Shell Beach. One closely over the tidepools, the other high above near Dinosaur Caves.

Tidepools at Shell Beach

Mavic Pro doing low-level maneuvers over tidepools.


Shell Beach Near Dinosaur Caves

First test of Mavic Pro over Pismo Beach. Edited in FCP using Stylistic LUTs.

Drawing with AmberLight

I’ve discovered a new and interesting digital drawing tool that has captivated my mind.

It is difficult to properly describe this tool. It’s a particle field image capture software. It’s an experimental software modeler that lets you create various types of energy fields, then flood those fields with particles, and then take a picture of it all at various stages of evolution.

I’m still experimenting and learning this tool, so it’s probably best to just show a few of the images I’ve been able to create with this software.

Art Explorations

A wild and vivid dream recently led me to begin experimenting with some very interesting digital drawing tools.

The purist in me wanted to rebel against this incursion of digital arrogance into the fine arts in much the same way I wanted to dismiss digital photography when it first appeared. New and innovative directions are rarely comfortable at first.

I’m still struggling with the idea of digital watercolor…

But my curious mind doesn’t sit still when it is intrigued. These tools not only open up creativity to a larger universe, but they also encourage meaningful connections between the arts and sciences. These digital “paint brushes” are crafted from mathematical raw materials and present an interface that makes them accessible to modern artists.

I am now convinced that these early art explorations will lead to some significant scientific revelations as creativity is re-introduced into the scientific process.

Warning: One of these images is not like the others.


nepenthes-ventricosa-4A potion used by the ancients to induce forgetfulness of pain or sorrow.

Also a dangerous flower.

It’s from both Latin and Greek origins, which means it comes from some very significant alien visitations!

I had a wonderful adventure this weekend in Big Sur. For the first time, I stopped at Nepenthe and enjoyed some food, wine, vistas, and delightful company. I was most intrigued by the company.

I’ve always known that my soul is young, even if my body is aged. But never before have I come up against this stark dissonance like I did this weekend. The melancholy of time lost is not an easy thing to endure.

Perhaps this is why the gods gave us nepenthe.

Sunlit Muse

It is difficult to properly express the joy of finding a new muse.

I realize that this has happened to me now twice in the last year. It’s like a harvest moon and a super moon in the same month. Rare.

She was delightful and strong and joyous and independent and smart and beautiful. I was already preparing my heart for injury after only 10 minutes with her. But what a treat to shoot with her today.

My experience tells me to take note whenever I come upon another soul who allows me to see the perfection within them.

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