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First Date

Messy TruthI went on another date this evening!

This is not typically where I go in these posts. My dating life is nothing to write about. But in this case, I’m writing about the experience because I did a first for a long time.

I tried to impress a woman.

We were having a good talk, even exploring some philosophical ideas. I was probably blathering about how much I enjoyed my recent photography project.

“It’s about telling a story.” I said this in earnest.

She laughed and smiled and challenged me. “Tell a story with your drink and this water cup.”

I pulled out my camera and arranged the subjects. I call it “First Date.”

Photo Evolution

I’m beginning to see improvement in my photography skills.

My recent photography road trip through the southwest was an inspiring and enriching adventure. I learned a few important, and maybe obvious, truths for me:

  1. I don’t much like to travel by car, but realize that it’s absolutely necessary if you really want to see and know a vast place from the ground up.
  2. Travel is an essential way for us humans to gain better understanding of each other and our shared world.
  3. There are many quite talented artists in the world who are generous with their knowledge, insights, and encouragement.
  4. Photography is less about capturing an image, and more about telling a story.


I expect that my photo evolution will continue and my learning will never cease. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Santa Fe

The creative vibe is quite alive, in Santa Fe.

I walked Canyon Road one day and binged on a broad range of art. I talked to some of the local artists and heard stories told in so many colorful and deep ways.

Tent Rocks

I committed to going to Tent Rocks based on a relatively obscure blog post on a photography blog I particularly like.

I left early. The morning sky was glorious. But the hike was hot and not a walk in the park for me. It was also more populated than would be my preference. It was also an awesome hike!

Junkyard Dreams

My recent southwest journey gave me some perspective for some new experiences.

That sounds mildly suspicious, that phrase “perspective for some new experiences”. Perhaps it’s an odd turn of phrase.  …  I may have lost my way for a moment.

One such moment for change came when I happened to stop for a rock formation and instead found a very funky junkyard. I could not pull my camera away from capturing these rusted out old jalopies. I did my best to respect the environment.

The junkyard dog was impressive!:

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