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Simple Beginnings in a Surreal Place

I flew to Las Vegas to begin my southwest road trip.

I’ve never really liked Las Vegas much. I don’t like to gamble (I lose whenever I try) and I find the environment inside of casinos one of the most depraved and depressing I have ever experienced. If you could condense into one space the worst aspects and traits of humanity (i.e., greed, pathetic ambition, delusion, lust, desperation, inebriation, and tobacco smoke), it would probably be a casino… or maybe the United States House of Representatives.

But I flew there in order to rent a car to explore the southwest, by-passing the lengthy and relatively uninteresting drive between the central coast of California and the southern border of Nevada and Arizona.

I brought 3 cameras with me: my iPhone, a GoPro Hero3+, and a Canon 7D.

This post includes a few urban landscape images captured my first night in Las Vegas with my iPhone as I walked the strip on a very hot evening.

Travel Time

My sense of travel has changed as I become older.

I am preparing for a road trip unlike any I’ve taken before. This time, I have a relatively focused objective in mind. That, alone, is unprecedented for me. In past, travel was just about getting away and wandering. Come what may. No need to evaluate because no objective was identified. It was a privilege to have that luxury.

I’ve imposed some standards upon myself in order to develop my artistic aspirations. This trip is about taking my camera on the road to see what I can capture.

I intend to mix it up. Lots of outdoor stuff, but maybe a few fashion/model highlights too. The sky is big this time of year! There are many interesting subjects in the sky.

I’m pretty sure that my lens will take the opportunity to do some travel time.

Linear Thoughts

BoxBlindsTiff is back in town from her tour and came over for some fun experimentation.

She was interested in doing some creative B&W shots. Since I’ve been obsessing over lines these days, I decided to build a blinds box out of an iMac box and black electricians tape. We experimented with various distances for both the light source and the subject. It worked surprisingly well!

I plan to also experiment with angles, spacing, colored gels, and maybe even a second blind box.

Here are a few shots from last night’s playtime with Tiff:


Learning Scope

“Don’t get involved in partial problems, but always take flight to where there is a free view over the whole single great problem, even if this view is still not a clear one.”

— Ludwig Wittgenstein

Industrial Design

Eames ChairI grew up in a world of artists and designers of all types, especially “industrial designers”.

Industrial design (ID) has evolved since my childhood. The whole world of design has begun to mix and merge and cross-pollinate. The broader umbrella is generally referred to as UX. User eXperience. This applies to both software and hardware.

This makes sense, since many of our hardware components have LCD interfaces. But it’s equally important to understand that real 3D objects have a physical interface with our bodies that often is more immediate. For example, a corkscrew probably doesn’t need a LCD screen for an interface. But it may still need the careful attention of a designer to create an intuitive and comfortable user experience.

I think Apple understood this well. Actually, I think it was Jonathan Ive who understood this well. And, Jobs understood the brilliance of Ive, the designer and artist. That is a potent combination.

The perfect synergy of art and technology is what we call industrial design.



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