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So much has happened since my death sentence in July.

Is that opening too dramatic? Maybe a bit. I’ll knock it back a notch…

I’m now in a soup of drama, hidden agendas, jealousy, gossip, and just simple malice. The level of sophistication is so much higher than what happens with my guy friends. Good thing I grew up with two sharp sisters.

The unfortunate tone here comes from the reality that these (mostly petty) concerns create an unhealthy and most decidedly uncreative environment. My workplace is embroiled in a turmoil that is so contrary to the passions and goals of the good folk who work there. The brightest minds and spirits are dimming or leaving. The morale is suffering like I’ve never seen before.

I’m sad.

I keep myself busy with new projects and inspirations. I’m exploring new photographic techniques, a redesign of the “One Button Studio”, a new approach to digital signage, and a simple rubber sling for my mobile device. But my motivation is damaged by an insipid and hostile work environment. There is a cancer in leadership.

Like most tragic illnesses, this one will likely produce collateral damage unless it is removed quickly and accurately. From my perspective, this can be done with one simple and decisive cut.