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The Nano S is an interesting beast. It looks like a USB thumb drive with a small display. It has two buttons and the on-screen interface is only slightly awkward. What is even more awkward is the fact that it uses Chrome apps for it’s browser-based interface. This brings up all kinds of questions about possible security compromises. It also brings into question how easy access would be for folks who find themselves in a place where Chrome was not available for some reason.

I am an advocate for folks with altcoins to be in control of their own keys. However, if access to those keys is dependent on specific hardware-software combinations, I still question the level of real independence.

Stepping back a bit, if keys for altcoins still depend on an internet connection that is controlled by corporations for access, who is really in control?

The Nano S can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among other altcoins. This is what makes it attractive when compared to Trezor. It’s small, and the setup is straight forward. The Google Chrome apps have a simple and intuitive interface. Time will tell when it comes to the ease of transfers to and from this compact hardware wallet.